The view for the essentials in the study

Starting a course of studies can be confusing – so the familiar, hitherto unknown life may get out of joint, because a new place of residence is sought because roommates appear and because the study usually differs greatly from the previous activity, such as attending school or an internship.

Where the head is

As if these changes were not enough, so also the study content comes to the fore – with technical and methodical knowledge, with footnotes and perhaps also difficulties in understanding. Perhaps a confusing affair bursts into the so carefully cherished life and stirs a lot of confusion. No wonder some students no longer know where their head is and some even threaten to lose it.

So where do you start?

Studying means, first of all, setting priorities and not considering study as a mere drama for entertainment. In this way, the mental gain is likely to be significantly higher. After all, learning effects can be intensified by active participation – and that means by own reproduction of knowledge.

It helps to deal as early as possible with the overall goals of the study and to become aware that it is precisely the detail work on a subordinate topic that can reveal the diversity of the subject. The more effort is put into a house or seminar work, the easier the next, the more references to the larger theoretical trends, whose knowledge can be used for future activities.

Anyone who commissions a ghostwriter to create a work out of personal distress is well advised to acquire the material himself, at least retrospectively, and to study the work exactly: What goals were achieved in which way, which methods were used for which reason? In this way, the view for the essential content as well as methodological knowledge is not lost and the study can then, hopefully stress-free, continue.

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