Job for ghostwriters

Nothing could be simpler than that, in times of Google and with extensive social and professional networking. Nevertheless, only those who are more concerned with the search, notice the large number of pitfalls.

Search word ghostwriter

Ghostwriter – the word is quickly typed in and most of the time the results are even more apparent: a confusing number of larger and smaller agencies, “freelancers”, writers, authors, etc. have discovered the term “ghostwriting” for themselves and use it for advertising purposes. This is legal because the term is not legally protected and nobody has to pass a state exam here.

This is how starting a career is made easy: a website, maybe even a business card, and you’re already a ghostwriter – regardless of your education, your personality and your own skills. Many who have become ghostwriters out of embarrassment, want of money or curiosity may find it difficult to meet the requirements of the profession – especially in academia, where in addition to general education, subject-specific education and knowledge of scientific methodologies and formalities are needed.

The customer perspective

Customers certainly have no idea of ​​such problems. You are looking for a competent author for your texts or your book project and can in principle only compare the websites and, if indicated, the prices. Both must be meaningful.

Customers should check for themselves whether the agency chosen by them is well networked, has been established for some time and whether it has so far been noticed negatively (for example due to the associated communicative background noise in the network, due to the insensitive handling of customer data, a suspicious multitude of positive reviews, etc.) .).

Incidentally, serious agencies will never give a quality guarantee to a text because they are aware of the very different demands of their customers. However, they will do everything possible to fulfill the wishes of the customers.

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